Call 2


Monday, July 5, 2010 - 22:00 to Wednesday, September 29, 2010 - 11:00


Call 2 Submissions (scroll down for tips)

Call 2 is closed. No proposals can be submitted anymore!


CLARIN-NL launched the second open call for project proposals. This call was open from Tuesday July 6, 2010 to September 29, 2010. The total budget for this call is limited to a maximum of € 600,000.

This call is specifically open for proposals targeting resource curation projects or demonstrator projects, or a combination of both. Only those proposals that specifically target this priority will be eligible. Such projects take existing data or tools as a basis and attempt to apply CLARIN-supported standards and best practices to make the data and tools CLARIN-compliant.

Proposals are elicited from humanities topics and disciplines, with a priority for the following (sub)disciplines:

  1. Literary studies
  2. History and political studies
  3. Communication and media studies (focused on language data and tools)
  4. 1st and 2nd language acquisition
  5. Historical linguistics

Examples of such projects awarded in 2009 can be found here.  More specifically:

  • the text part of the TTNWW project is aimed at literary researchers;
  • CKCCINTER-VIEWS and the speech part of the TTNWW project target (social) history;
  • Adelheid focuses on historical linguistics.

No examples of projects focusing on communication and media studies and first and second language acquisition exist as yet within CLARIN-NL.

The maximum budget per project is 120,000€.

An information session on this call will be organized Thursday August 26th, 2010 (afternoon) at the Meertens Institute, Amsterdam.

More details on this meeting can be found here. Attendance is free but registration is required. Register here

The submission deadline is Wednesday September 29th, 2010, 13:00hrs.

Awarded projects will be able to start early 2011.

Reviewing of the project proposals will be done in accordance with the CLARIN-NL Review Procedure.

You can upload your submission by filling out this web form.
You can only use this form if you are a registered user of the CLARIN-NL website. If you are not a registered user, please register (see Create New Account in the menu, left bottom or go here). You can view your submissions via

Tips for submitting:

  • It is strongly recommended to fill out the web form as soon as possible, and attach a preliminary version of the project proposal, to avoid overload on the CLARIN-NL web site close to the submission deadline as much as possible. You can always edit your submission and attach an newer version of your project proposal until the submission dead line.
  • Copy the project summary that is required in the project proposals to the project summary field of the web form.
  • The format of the project proposal must be PDF, and you can only upload a file with extension .pdf or .zip
  • You can upload only one file. So if your submission would (exceptionally) consist of multiple files, zip them and submit the zipped file
  • If possible, submit your final proposal as soon as possible, preferably long before the deadline, because it will avoid overload of the web site.
  • The uploading web form is still experimental. If you encounter problems, report them to the CLARIN-NL office. If the problems are so serious that you cannot upload the proposal using the web form, we allow submission by e-mail as a backup (send it to However, you will have to justify why you submitted by e-mail. Without such justification, a submission by e-mail might be declared formally non-compliant!

For more information and assistance with finding suitable partners contact the CLARIN-NL Office:

For technical questions, contact the CLARIN-NL Helpdesk: