Current Activities

Currently the DCS is involved in the curation of the following resources:


  • LESLLA (delivered in August 2013)
  • IPNV Interviews with veterans (delivered in May 2013)
  • Woordenboek Gelderse Dialecten, Rivierengebied (delivered in June 2013)
  • Woordenboek Gelderse Dialecten, Veluwe (part)  (delivered in June 2013)
  • Curation organisation names for OpenSkos (delivered in June 2013; finalised in August 2013)
  • Six dialect dictionaries from Brabant (delivered in October 2013)
  • WLD and WBD part III (delivered in December 2013)
  • DBD/TCULT (delivered in February 2014)


  • Roots of Etnolect (collection Linda van Meel) 
  • Traces of Contact (collection Kofi Yakbo)